Why IMS CAFM System is The Best in Middle East

Why IMS CAFM System is The Best in Middle East?

Intelligent Management (IMS) provides the best CAFM systems in the middle east and performs a variety of services, including regulating procurement costs, accounting, team management, time management, and project management, allowing FM managers to make informed decisions based on a valid and accurate database.

Since we have developed our first CAFM system, we have been more successful at project implementations than any competitor. Our experience and expertise in this field have created an unrivaled history of customer satisfaction. Our first customers are still using our systems which are the best CAFM systems in the middle east among competitors.

Why Choose IMS CAFM System?

1. Work Order Management.

Facility managers or business owners try to solve multiple work orders on a daily basis. This makes it difficult for them to determine which requests are to be prioritized. To take off some load off of your shoulders, the IMS CAFM system has a work order management module that will measure the urgency of each request, then put them in a list for your technicians, as well as record them as a reference to be used in the future.

2. Maintenance Planning & Reports

Reduced repair costs lie in the proper planning of routine maintenance. This is why IMS CAFM system has a built-in maintenance planning tool so you can determine issues with your equipment or facility long before they cause problems for your operations.

3. End-to-End Asset Inventory Management

Using the IMS CAFM system allows users to have complete control over asset inventory management. It can help you monitor your assets across locations, assignments, and ownership. The solution also documents maintenance history so you know if they are still up to date.

4. Full Integration

The facility management system provides an easy-to-use interface for users to help them reduce the learning curve. This means you don’t need to learn or have the experience to deal and work with the CAFM system.

Intelligent Management (IMS) company afford CAFM system implement, this system for your business, and do the integration process with third parties such as leading building management systems (BMS), external health and safety registers, HR, and financial system.

IMS CAFM System Services:

1. Preventive Maintenance

Find and fix small problems before they grow into frustrating, budget-busting failures.

2. Work Order

IMS CAFM system helps you to build efficient workflows with simple, stress-free work orders. It can approve, generate, prioritize, assign, track, and closeout work orders from anywhere, all from the same intuitive platform.

3. Full Integrations

Our best feature in the IMS CAFM system has a software integration to work as a single integrated system from a single window using cloud storage to work from anywhere and at all times. We are proud of our Comprehensive Digital Transformation in Facilities Management using Maintenance management from one system.

4. Inventory & Parts

Using the IMS CAFM system will help you to have the right inventory on time and on budget and help you to hit the inventory sweet spot: the right parts at the right time for the right price. Maintenance Reports Automatically generate reports to track metrics and KPIs for actionable insights into where your budget is going.

We are always available where and when you need us, it will become the most important component of your maintenance operation. It is designed with extreme flexibility, providing complete control of your maintenance and management program’s configuration.

Our CAFM system is distinguished because of our solutions for facilities and businesses which are the best in the Middle east.

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